Analysis Endzeit Partenaire Particulier
Art Fleury Fiat Lux Peach (Peach Union)
Astrea Redux FM Pink Industry
Bazooka Joe Grace Pink Military
Beautiful Pea Green Boat Grauzone Play
Benny Profane Handful Of Snowdrops Pleasure Game
Big In Japan Hard Corps Polyphonic Size
Bigod 20 Industrie F.U.O.C.H.I A Popular History Of Signs
B-Movie J.Meurisse The Project
Brazil Kinetix Rational Youth
Jean-Jacques Burnel Kloot Per W The Room
C.C.C.P. Kowp Royal Family & The Poor
Celebrate The None Limbo Scooter
Celebrate The Nun The Limit Sťance
Central Unit The Lotus Eaters Secession
Cetu Javu M-1 Alternative Signal Aout 42 (SA 42)
Peter Coyle Mathematiques Modernes Six Sed Red
Current 93 Rose McDowall Sorrow
Dalek I (Love You) MCX Spartak
Dead Cowboys Metaform Spell
Death In June Microchip League Strawberry Switchblade
De Film Mittageisen Templebeat
Degada Saf Monumentum Triumvirat
Michael Dempsey Moskwa TV Weimar Gesang
DJPC Neon White Door 
Doris One The Wild Swans  
Drinking Electricity Ornamental WMTID 
DsorDNE Pankow Zwischenfall
East Wall Parade Ground