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Cat. No. Artist Title MEDIA
TESF 1.01 Balkan Air Ia Stoy Milo Slatze 7"
TESF 1.02 Colour Movers Over Falling Skies 7"
SF 001 Faded Image Modern 12"
SF 002 Weimar Gesang Even Stone Pales 12"
SF 003 Christian Death The Wind Kissed Pictures LP
SF 003 1/2 Christian Death Lacrima Christi 7"
SF 004 Chromagain Any Colour You Like MLP
SF 005 Weimar Gesang The Colours Of Ice MLP
SF 006 Felt Ignite The Seven Cannons And Set Sail For The Sun LP
SF 007 Various Artists Miniatures LP
SF 008 Fields Of The Nephilim Returning To Gehenna 12"
SF 009 Le Masque Colloquio LP
SF 010 Mephisto Walz Mephisto Walz EP
SF 011 Living In Texas The History Of Rock & Roll 12"
SF 012 Weimar Gesang No Given Path LP
SF 013 Felt Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death LP
SF 014 Laughing Academy Some Things Take Longer MLP
SF 015 Sturmann Giovanni International Matches LP
SF 016 Dole The Speed Of Hope LP
SF 017 Liars Optical Sound LP
SF 018 Attrition Take Five MLP
SFCD 001 Doubling Riders World! CD
UHF 001 X-No Angel 12"